Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

One of the most prestigious educational institutions is turning over page 80 of its glorious history which is marked with great scientific achievements. Learning the East culture, loving the word, discovering other peoples, percolating into an unexplored depth of ethnos in order to feel a unique national colour and at the same time showing up the world achievements of Ukrainians are a great and honorary mission which is fulfilled in Kyiv Gymnasium of Oriental languages #1.

It is not a secret that the knowledge of foreign languages is both a privilege and a vital need. Knowledge of oriental languages, in addition to the native one, opens up limitless possibilities in almost all spheres of activity, if a person aspires to greater success and a better life for himself and his country.

Founded in 1936 as a school for the children of Spain, the school became the one of the powerful national centers of education, science and culture. Decades passed, generation of graduates changed, each of them increased the glory of “alma mater”. Today, the gymnasium’s family comprises more than 1100 students, 129 teachers, among them there are 4 Honored teachers, the excellent teachers of education of Ukraine, 98 teachers of higher qualifying category, numerous winners of the All-Ukrainian competition “The Teacher of the Year”.

Every year students become winners of numerous sections of the All-Ukrainian contest of young scientists’´ works of Small Academy of Science. In particular, in 2015-16 the gymnasium got 183 winners of Small Academy of Science of all stages. Since 2000 the educational establishment has welcomed participants of the Kyiv City open Olympiad in oriental languages- the III stage of the All-Ukrainian Students’ Olympiad in general and special subjects where gymnasium students immutably take first places. This year 4 winners of the international competition ’The Chinese Bridge’ have got grants for free of charge studying in People’s Republic of China .

Kyiv Gymnasium of Oriental languages #1 is the associated school member of UNESCO, the collective member of “Educators for peace and mutual understanding” Ukrainian movement, the basic comprehensive school of National Academy Pedagogic Sciences of Ukraine pedagogic institute. The gymnasium is an open innovation social pedagogic system which mission is a competent patriotic personality development as well as the student ability development in order to enlarge mental and cultural potential of Ukraine. The gymnasium has become an all Ukrainian pilot educational institution which is working at the subject “Student ethical and cultural language values innovational model implementation” since December, 2012.

Scientific gymnasium achievements have been honored with a number of awards, for instance the medals and certificates of the education modernization achievements at the international exhibitions “Modern educational institutions. Ukraine”. The gymnasium staff was encouraged with Vasyl Pomahaiby bonus for a significant pedagogic development contribution, an active cooperation with National Academy Pedagogic Sciences of Ukraine pedagogic institute as well as participation, implementation and popularizing the scientific results of the research in 2015. The gymnasium was the first to open the Confucius class of Hang Bang Confucius headquarters (People’s Republic of China).

The gymnasium has been leading all Ukrainian scientific conference “Ukraine – Oriental countries through the dialogue of languages, cultures, civilizations, pedagogical systems: the personality core value dimensions in the XXI century” since 1999.

We are grateful to our endowed students for giving us a chance to deal with them, for their beaming, the thoughts and feelings spreading, for providing us with a spending opportunity to open our minds for better future for Ukraine, and even more – the whole world.

We are particularly grateful to our school leavers, who glorify our school and native city by their deeds as in Ukraine as abroad, not forgetting their gymnasium and educators.

Thank our colleagues for their loyalty to our discipline, passion to their profession, everyday routine that has turned into creativity.

We show regard for our veterans, who are retired now. Every piece of their hard work are golden pages in the gymnasium history record.

We highly appreciate all our technicians, their hard work is part and parcel of our everyday routine and so important for our school.

We give our kind regards to parents. Close cooperation with them and a tolerant dialogue give us a possibility to solve concept and educating issues and bring up our future support in everyday hard and fruitful work.

We would like to say thank you to foreign countries embassies, International agencies, Minister of Education of Ukraine, Kyiv authorities, Educational department and Civil representatives for mature understanding, cooperation and loyalty.

I am so satisfied to be in charge of Kyiv gymnasium of oriental languages #1, which is famous for being highly respected and widely famous. A lot of talented, creative, powerful and persistent people seem to have been in our school hall. The people who are always ready to be bound in honor to protect their Alma Mater. They are together along with their friends and soul mates to celebrate the 80-th anniversary of our educational institution, which is always the first at any procedure. We have everything for this aim, such as endowed students, grateful school leavers, hardworking students, careful technicians, partial parents, our soulmates and the state and international organization assistants. We have highly regards for everybody, we express a hope for our further cooperation in order to our country future prosperity, developing education, glorifying our educational institution which is 80 years old. Congratulations!

Head of gymnasium Oksana Proskura